Trait Ignorance Fervor Discipline Penitence Obedience
Good: Childlike(+5) Charismatic(+5) Stoic(+5) Honest(+5) Timid(+5)
Practical(+5) Elegant(+5)
Dull(+10) Violent(+10) Chaste(+10) Self-Loathing(+10) Lawful(+10)
Uneducated(+10) Singer(+10)


Convict(+10) Militaristic(+10)
Haunted(+15) Sadist(+15) Masochist(+15) Accusatory(+15) Crony(+15)
Superstitious(+15) Pyromaniac(+15) Ascetic(+15) Just(+15) Unquestioning(+15)
Bad: Curious(-10) Complacent(-10) Gluttonous(-10) Stubborn(-10) Scarred(-10)
Shy(-20) Flirt(-20) Teen(-10)
Linguist(-20) Gentle(-20) Slovenly(-20) Narcissist(-20) Impulsive(-20)
Imaginative(-20) Lazy(-20) Generous(-20) Weasel(-20) Cynical(-20)
Scholar(-30) Hermit(-20) Pervert(-30) Swindler(-30) Rebellious(-30)
Artist(-30) Morbid(-30) Embezzler(-30) Liar(-30) Kleptomaniac(-30)

Without the DLC, every good trait when selected as the advisor will say the something that makes it identifiable.

Self-Loathing: You are making a mistake.

Honest: I don't know if I'm the best choice, but I'll try.

Charismatic: I almost feel home behind the pulpit, at your side.

Singer: I shall do my best.

Partial: I have a few ideas about improving efficiency.

Sadist: Absolutely, no mercy to sinners, Your Excellency.

(More to be update)